skill badges

Earn all skill badges and become a Southeast Side Junior Explorer!

Reconnect with nature by learning more about the animals, plants, and geology at the parks.

Rediscover the outdoors by hiking, learning about navigation, park safety, and sustainability.

Reactivate your energy by rock-climbing, biking, running, climbing, or doing yoga.

Refuel your creativity and let the parks be a source of inspiration for music, art, writing and poetry.

Reawaken the past and uncover the unique industrial history of the Southeast Side parks.

activity booklet

Complete each section and earn your skill badges! Each section of the Junior Explorer corresponds to a skill badge and provides engaging activities for families visiting the Southeast Side parks.

Activities prompt kids to observe and engage with the parks on a deeper level, while also educating them on the ecology, history, and eco-recreation available in the parks. Some activities are park-specific, but many can be accomplished at any of the natural sites.

adventure pack

In addition to the activity booklet, the Junior Explorer adventure pack includes tools to deepen park exploration and supplement the activity pages. Adventure packs can be checked out at the Ford Calumet Environmental Center at Big Marsh Park.